"thinkTASC offers a simple formula to help your people grow enabling them to build on their key strengths and take responsibility for their personal development so that they can achieve so much more."
Paul MacKinnon, thinkTASC

Sports Mentoring

Sports Mentoring

What can we do for you?

thinkTASC’s Sports Mentoring Service enables your team and the players in your team identify who and what they need to do in order to maximise performance, develop leadership, grow as individuals and connect more effectively as a team...

...so that you keep reaching the winner’s podium.

3 simple steps to success...

Our Sports Mentoring service follows a 3 step approach:

  1. We conduct a tailored quality assessment of your high performance sport programme which encourages you to take a detailed look at your needs and requirements & identify what your existing talent needs to do to develop further; what new talent you may need to identify to help the sport grow and where this potential talent may come from.
  2. Development, training & implementation of a tailored performance management software system called Mi PLAN which allows teams and players/individuals to take responsibility for their own personal development both on and off the field.
  3. Follow up quality assurance to ensure successful implementation of the Mi PLAN performance management system.

The detail is in the plan…  Mi PLAN

We’ve created a unique simple one page tool that allows players to build on their key strengths in the context of your high performance sport requirements. Once implemented it is self-driven by your sporting discipline so it is unique to you. It’s based on a proven world class system for improving performance. It offers real value for money. It’s not about changing the world and overhauling your player management system. It’s about looking at what you’ve got and making it better.

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