"Talent profiling is often used to predict and enhance someone's future potential. Honest reflection, benchmarking, tracking and quantifying progress against targets is a key feature of a world class athlete. The same principles can be applied to businesses which have aspirations to get the best from their staff."
Chelsea Warr, Head of Athlete Development, UK Sport.


HPA Ltd.

As part of its emerging business streams HPA has recently focused on developing specialisms in the realms of sport, leisure and special needs sectors on a both a local and global basis.

This has resulted in the diversification of HPA and the evolution of thinkTASC. One of thinkTASC’s key objectives is to provide a range of entry points into the sports, leisure and special needs sectors via the sports mentoring, business leadership and community innovation services offered by thinkTASC.

Sports technology advances can also drive changes in the design of sport, leisure and special needs facilities at both high end and community levels. As part of the Sports Tech NI network, which thinkTASC is driving and coordinating, HPA will be able to develop its own specialisms to meet these needs and open up access to these developing market opportunities in specialist building and facility design.

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